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Waterproof Sun shelter UV Umbrella Hat

In rainy season umbrella is the most important thing that a person need to carry. People carry umbrella during monsoons to protect them from rain and some people also carry umbrella in summer for protection against heat. But carrying an umbrella for longer period create pain in your arms. It starts to make your arm numb while holding it.

But this foldable UV Umbrella helps to solve the pain problem while holding it. You don’t have to hold this umbrella with your hand. You can easily wear it on your head and you are ready to go. This umbrella has double layer protection at the top that protects you from UV rays and reflects the heat. The upper layer is foldable so you can turn it around also. 

The umbrella is very light weighted and gets folded to get fit in a ladies purse. It comes with a lock to tighten it on your face. It is very simple to use and can be used for various purposes like Gardening, Hiking, Fishing, Farming, Golfing, Photographing, Painting, Shooting Mailman and a Jelly Fish Halloween Costume etc. It does not let sun or rain disturb your entertainment.


  • Highly compact design  - It gets folded into small size and can be easily put into any bag. Also has a hanging string attached to it.
  • Light weighted  - Very light in weight which doesn't make you feel any excessive weight
  • Good quality  - Made up of heat protective cloth which doesn’t allow heat or rain to pass through it
  • Multiple use  - Can be used for variety of things and perfect for camping, fishing, golf, hiking and other outdoor activities


  • Bracket Category :  Quick Auto Opening
  •  Index to Lower Water :  <1000 mm
  • Outdoor Tent Waterproof Index :  <1000 mm
  • Size: When fully opened - 55 cm

Package Includes:

1 * UV Umbrella

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