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Wall Hanging Fish Tank Aquarium

People do a lot of things to make their house look good. They purchase different things to decorate their house so that it looks the best and they get appreciated for their décor.

For that some people buy fancy Lights and some buy lampshades etc. People also keep Fish aquariums to enhance the beauty of the house. 

For the people who love to keep aquarium in their house this is a perfect product.

The hanging fish aquarium has a very unique design which looks great in your house. This aquarium can be hanged easily on any wall of your house. This aquarium maximizes the space in your house as it does not require any counter to keep the aquarium.

Easy to set up -  Just drill a screw in the wall and hang it at any place in your house. It is very easy to clean it as there is a large opening at the top so that anybody can clean it easily with their hands.

Spacious enough so that your friend fish can move freely into it. This wall aquarium made of high quality non-easy broken acrylic which is light but very durable. And no worries your kids or pets will not  grab it by accident so your fish is totally safe.


  • Unique Design - Has a unique wall hanging design that looks great in your house
  • Saves space - Very compact and do not require a counter to keep it
  • Safe from kids - Hangable so it is out of reach of your children and kids
  • Easy to clean - Has a wide opening at the top which makes it easy to clean



  • Material: acrylic 
  • Outer diameter: 15 cm 
  • Inner diameter: 13.2 cm 
  • Height 7.5 cm 
  • Water capacity: approx. 230ml 


  • 1 x wall mounted bowl for fish tank (fish, stone, plant not included!) 
  • 1 x screw set 
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