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Kids are the most precious things any parents can have in this world. They can turn world upside down if anything happen to their kids. Parents always take precautions for their kids in all the things. They were always aware about what their kid is doing and keeps a constant eye on them.

While going out they always try to keep holding the hands of their children. But sometimes it becomes very difficult to keep holding the hand of their child if you have to do any other thing or you are holding anything.

There this safety band for kids comes to your rescue. This safety band is made for the children so that they can play independently but be safe at the same time. It has elastic band which keeps child close to the parent. The wrist band ensures that the kid cannot go far away from parents. It has an anti slip Velcro material on wrist to lock you and your kids wrist.

It can be used any time while going out for walk or going on vacation etc.


  • Comfortable - Made up of soft material so as to make it comfortable for kids.
  • Light weight - Very light in weight so that the kid don’t feel any excess weight on hand
  • Elastic string - Has elastic string so that kids can play freely near the adult
  • Anti lost - Made in such a way that a kids cannot easily open it by themselves


  • Material :   Polyester, COTTON
  • Age Range :   up to 2 years
  • Carrying load :   20 KG
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