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Powerful Drain Buster Toilet Cleaner

In a daily household, people has to do a lot of work to keep their house clean. They have to do dusting and other work to maintain the beauty of their house. In this process a lot of time is required to clean the toilet. Toilet cleaning is a very essential but painful task at the same time. And it is even more difficult to clean a clogged toilet.

But now toilet cleaning is no more a headache. With this toilet drain plunger anybody can easily clean their toilet and bathroom. It has a very effective dredge method which makes it easy to clean the toilet. It create a vaccum inside the clogged pipes to produce a strong air pressure which cleans the clogged pipes. The air-tight tube features a handle that increases back pressure provide  far more suction pressure than a regular plunger.
It has a natural rubber and ABS used in making it and designed keeping in mind that it is compatible with most of the toilet drains and kitchen sinks.


  • Excellent Quality  - Made up of natural rubber and stainless steel which makes it a very highly durable product 
  • User friendly -  Has a human-friendly  handle which makes the cleaning process easy and quick
  • High Suction  - Creates high pressure inside the clogged pipes  for effective cleaning of drain
  • Compatible  - Suitable for most of  the toilet manufacturers and sink manufacturers company


  • Type :  Flexible
  • Property :  Environmentally friendly
  • Shell Material :  Rubber  


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