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Motion Sensor LED Light

Motion sensor LED light  is a product that works as a boon for people. Sometime you have to get out of the bed in the night to go to kitchen and you have to turn the lights on which disturb the sleep of others. The led lights helps to solve this problem. The Led lights work on the sensors which get turned on whenever they sense any motion near them.

You just have to put the light at the desired place and turn the switch on. That’s it and you are done. The light will automatically gets on when anyone comes near it. It provides a warm light that guides your way in the night. It gives a bright ambiance to your room without disturbing others sleep.

It is a cost efficient light which adjust its luminous as per the darkness. It can be placed anywhere like room, kitchen, cupboards, under the bed  or corridors etc


  • Motion activated sensors: Sensors turn on when anyone comes near to it
  • Energy efficient: Consumes a very less amount of energy and saves the battery.
  • Comfortable and stylish:  Gives warm light which is soothing to eyes and looks very stylish.
  • Battery operated:  Runs on battery for long hours.
  • Dimming feature: Has a dimming feature which adjust light automatically.


  • Working voltage:  DC5V
  • Power supply:  AAA Battery
  • Light Colour:  White light
  • Light Sensitivity:  3 to 5 meters
  • Includes: 1 motion sensor LED light
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