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Magnetic Mud Playing Kit

Kids love to play various kind of sports in their early age. They do not care whether it is right or wrong. All they want is to play different games. Kids love to play with mud a lot while they are in their growing years. But as a parent you have to keep a watch on your child that he does not play with mud as it can harm the child. But stopping a kid while playing can hinder in their growth .

To tackle this problem here is a solution named the Magnetic Mud. This unique product lets your child play with the mud like dough without causing any harm or irritation to him. It opens the doors of mind of your child to the unlimited world of imagination and help in the brain development of child as the child will learn about various shapes while playing with it. 

The magnetic mud gets attracted by the magnet which let the child to learn about the phenomena of magnetic force while playing. It also has a bouncing property when moulded into a shape of ball. It is also helpful in relieving stress. It is made up of no sticky and non toxic material which is safe for children.  


  • Helps in development of child - Helps in development of kids brain by giving them knowledge about different shapes that they make.
  • Safe for kids -  Made up of non toxic material and is completely safe for your child
  • Improves learning power -  Playing with this toy the learning power of your child will also increase
  • Fun to play - Very entertaining to play with this toy and kids love to spend time playing with it
  • Relieves stress  - Also help to relieve pressure points and reduce stress 


  • Size     :    7 cm × 2.5 cm 
  • Weight :  about 65g 

 1 strong magnet, aluminum mouth box, 1 box magnetic clay, 4 eyes, 1 manual

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