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Every space requires a certain kind of vibe/aesthetic appeal. A lot of effort is put into building a house and turning it into a home! Greens play a super important aspect in adding a cosy, healthy environmental vibe! As time has progressed along with the flowers, creepers and vines, waterbodies like small ponds, swimming pools have become a trend trying to duplicate an Eden! To achieve the sprinklers, fountains and misty looks a lot of money is shelled out! But, not anymore, the “Fall Like  A Dream” Solar Powered Garden Fountain is just what you need to add the dewiness to your backyard!


  • Product size: 13.5x3.8cm
  • No electricity required, charges via solar power! Does not require any electrical outlets.
  • Solar panel: 1W single crystal silicon
  • Comes with 4 different types of nozzles for different kinds of sprays!
  • Maximum pump flow: 210L/h
  • Product weight: 200g
  • Maximum water height: 50cm
  • Material: ABS+PE
  • Perfect for bird bath, fish tanks, small ponds, pools and even circulation of oxygen.
  • NOTE: Ensure that adequate amount of water is put in the fountain, so pump can stay underwater, completely. 2. The solar panels must be completely exposed to the sun, not the leaves or other items. 3. Ensure regular cleaning of the pump, in order to prevent jamming!


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