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In this busy and polluting lifestyle, most of the people have blackheads creating pain in their life. People try many things to remove blackheads from their nose so as to look beautiful. But removing black head is not an easy task if you don’t have the right tools. You might feel that you have cleaned the black heads with your regular tools but they will still be there and would make you look bad.

But these blackhead masks are a complete solution for blackhead removal. These masks help to remove the black head completely off your nose. All you need is a minute and it will remove the black head as if it was never there. 
After washing the face just apply the patch to your nose. Apply the soft part of it on your nose. When it gets dry then tear off the patch and clean your face. The blackhead will be gone.

This is a very useful product which helps to remove the black head in a safe and effective way. It helps to make your face look smooth and tender.


  • Painless Removal - Patch can be easily removed when it gets dry and it do not cause much pain while removing it
  • Highly Effective - Very effective in removing blackheads and safe to be used on face
  • Easy to use - All you need is to wet the face and apply it on the face and you will get a glowing look
  • Clean all the patches - Clears all the black heads on your nose that are making your face look dull and oily


  • Ingredient :  BAMBOO, VITAMIN C


  • 50pcs Remove Blackhead Remover Nose Strips
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