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Baby Shower Bathing Cap


Babies don't like water being poured on their head. Water and shampoo tends to get into eyes and babies face difficulty in breathing while water pouring down their head. Mothers have to be extra careful while bathing their babies. With these bathing caps, the mothers don’t have to take tension while bathing their babies.

These caps fit instantly on the head of babies and protect the water from getting into their eyes. These caps make an air tight seal around the head of kid so that water from his head never reaches his face.

It also prevents shampoo to get into the eyes of baby in order to protect his eyes. With this cap the baby can breathe properly and have fun while bathing at the same time.

This cap also has side flaps so that the water does not enter the ears of baby. The cap can also be used as a sun protector in sunny days and rain protector in monsoons.


  • Tight seal - Creates a tight seal around kid so that water do not reach his eyes
  • Velcro lock - Has a Velcro lock which can be adjusted according to the size of kid
  • Kid friendly - Made of soft eva foam which is comfortable for child usage
  • Cute Patterns - Has cute patterns that are loved by kids and looks attractive


  • Material: EVA
  • Suitable for age: ages 0-5 years
  • Adjustable head circumference: 33-50 cm (approx ..),
  • Straight length * width 28.5 * 29 cm
Package included: 
 1pcs baby bath cap
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