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AVOCADO OIL - Natural Anti-Aging Oil

The most ancient secrets of beauty are always borrowed from nature. From queens of exotic lands, to our own ancestral trail of grandsire, their flawless skin and astonishing beauty has always been the subject of our awe. But the insidious prowl of urbanization has slowly distanced us from these secret. Stress and pollutants continually assault our body, eroding our innate texture and violating our true beauty.

Borrowing the truest essence of the forest,Vanarc has created a range of natural oils that are a perfect antidote to help reverse this cycle.Feel royal and pampered as each of our products exudes the feel, texture and smell of the real produce, and the refreshing scent of the woods.

We invite you to use Vanarc - a commitment of authenticity and a promise of purity.

Vanarc’s Natural Avacado Oil are loaded with antioxidant properties that are resilient against free radical damage, preventing premature ageing and lending elasticity and suppleness to your skin.

Obtained from cold-pressed premium quality avocados,these oils are virgin and untainted by chemical fertilizers.

Benefits for your Skin:

  • Avocado Oil eliminates blemishes caused by sunburns  because of the presence of flavonoids and phenolic acid
  • Chlorophyll contained in the oil has a   soothing effecton your skin and  treats acne
  • The oil is very   effective on sensitive skinthat is prone to irritation
  • Avocado oil effectively   heals chapped skin  because of its anti-allergic properties
  • It replenishes dry skinby stopping trans-epidermal water loss from the skin
  • Phytosterols and proteins in the Avocado Oil   moisturizes dry skin and reduces wrinkles
  • Palmitic and Linoleic Acids  act as a natural block and shield skin from ultraviolet radiation
  • Presence of strongantioxidants lends you  ayounger looking skin
  • It also acts as a  natural make-up remover
  • The oil also contains multiple nutrients which assist in the   production of collagen, softens your skin and reduces the appearance of age spots.

Benefits for your Hair:

  • Avocado Oil acts as a conditioner to   reduce the dryness of the scalp and eliminates dandruff
  • It’s also very effective in   hydrating your hair
  • Rich in vitamins A, D, E, and B plus amino acids and fatty acids, avocado oil   improves scalp health incredibly

Benefits for your Nails:

  • Regular usage leaves a  shine on your  nails
  • F lushes out dead and dried cuticles

Other Benefits:

Massage daily to  soften the dead and dried edges of your skin from your elbows, knees and feet.

How to use :

  1. Wash your face thoroughly and dab your skin off excess water. Make sure your skin is wet before using the beauty oil for the moisture to be locked in.
  2. Do not apply any other beauty product on the face once the oil has been applied. However, it can be treated as a face primer before applying make-up.
  3. A few drops of oil can be directly applied on the face or added in your regular face creams, face masks, hair oils or scrubs to add extra glow and nourishment to it.
  4. An effective oil cleansing method is to apply a few drops on your face, massage lightly, takes a face towel, rinse it in hot water and place it on your face till it cools. This can be done 2-3 times a week.
  5. For exfoliating with oil, put a few drops of oil on your palm, add sugar, mix it well and scrub it on your face and neck.
  6. Add a few drops of oil on a cotton ball, massage on your nails to give them nourishment, shine, and strength.
  7. Add a few drops of beauty oil to your regular massage oil for an enhanced beauty experience, while it gives your body the health, nourishment and glows.

For best results:

A few drops of Vanarc beauty oil can be blended with Vanarc aloe vera gel and applied to the face for a hydrated, glowing effect.


  • A patch test is recommended prior usage
  • Never apply too close to the eyes, inner nose, ears or any other particularly sensitive areas of skin
  • Not for internal use. For external use only
  • Avoid usage during nursing and pregnancy
  • Avoid usage on babies, children and pets
  • Avoid self-usage if allergic to avocado
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