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Perfect And Neat- Packing Cube Travel Organizers Set of 5

Travel cubes compress all your items into individual compartments that fit into your suitcases, making both packing and unpacking a breeze

Product Details:

Organize Your Suitcase

Instead of throwing all your items in a large main compartment, these travel cubes break up the work into bite-sized pieces. The packing cubes can organize your things by item, outfit, or color, which also comes in handy as you unpack, allowing you to go right to the cube you need instead of digging through a pile of loose clothing.

Protect Your Items

Not only do these cubes give your suitcase internal organization, but it can also add an extra layer of protection against the spills and leaks that can happen during travel. Even if your shampoo bottle overflows or your razor gets loose, a travel cube can keep those potential hazards enclosed into one space while the other cubes protect their unharmed items from becoming contaminated. 

Fits Into Your Bag

With sizes ranging from small to XXL, these organizers can fit in everything from overnight bags to expedition-sized suitcases. Utilize all the cubes for larger baggage, or toss the smaller cubes into rucksacks that you can carry with you on plane trips or train rides.


  • Decorated with a travel-related slogan
  • Bag dimensions:
    • Small bag: 7.9”x7.9”x2.8”
    • Medium bag: 11.4”x7.5”x4.3”
    • Large bag: 12.2”x10.6”x2.8”
    • X-large bag: 14.6”x10.6”x2.8”
    • XX-large bag: 14.6”x11.8”x5.5”


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